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Valuations & Litigation Support

Support When You Need It Most

With an experienced team of qualified business valuators, Wolrige Mahon considers both qualitative and quantitative factors in determining the fair market value of a business. Our valuation experience encompasses the following areas:


The annual financial statements are only one measure of a company’s progress. We prepare periodic business valuations for growth-oriented clients who wish to monitor the progress of the fair market value of their business.

Estate planning transactions

Business owners often wish to pre-arrange the succession planning for their business through an estate freeze. We prepare valuation reports to ensure that the tax planning is based on a solid foundation with respect to the value of the business.

Shareholder agreements and transitions

A key element in any shareholder’s agreement is the buy-sell mechanism. We prepare business valuations for use in this context, and can provide advice on the structuring of the valuation provisions of the agreement.

Employee share ownership plans

Some business owners provide the opportunity for key employees or a wider group of employees to have equity participation in the company. We can prepare the periodic valuations of the company required by such arrangements.

Sale or purchase of a business

The starting-point in the sale of a business is often to obtain a professional view of the value of the company. In conjunction with our Corporate Finance group, we provide valuation assistance with respect to the purchase or sale of a business, including leveraged management buy-outs.

Corporate reorganizations

Changing times can create the opportunity or the necessity to restructure the respective interests in the businesses in a group. We can determine the valuations of the respective business segments that are required for such reorganization.

Fair value for financial reporting

Recent accounting standards make increasing use of fair value determinations for purposes of external financial reporting. We prepare reports quantifying the fair value of intangible assets (for example in the allocation of purchase price with respect an acquired company) or assessing potential impairment of goodwill.